Top 5 Dog Health Problems You Should Know

A dog is always a nice pet, family’s friend, and often a dependable guardian as well. To quickly notice that the dog suffering health problems is a daunting task. First of all you should know these top 5 dog health problems.

1. Obesity

Similar to people, obesity on dogs may lead to many serious illnesses such as diabetes, joint pain, and liver disease. In dogs, obesity is as well triggered by the same problem; the dog eats too much calories, but it does not do enough exercise to burn them.

Dogs from the different breed also have the different standards of weight; however, there are some easily noticeable indications to tell whether or not the pet is overweight. When holding the dogs, you should feel the dog’s ribs and backbones easily without pressing. At this condition, the pet logically does not store too much fat in the body.

Another easy indication is that the dog’s waist should be easily visible from above. If the dogs indicate any sign of obesity, you should reduce calorie in the dog’s food and take the pet to perform some exercises such as jogging or walking.

2. Heartworm

Heartworm is one of the most life-threatening dog health problems. This condition is caused by parasites that infect dog’s arteries and heart. If it is not treated properly and quickly, it may lead to death.

The most common symptoms of heartworm include coughing and depression. Possible treatments include medications and surgery.

3. Fracture

A broken bone is as well a common health problem found in dogs. They are active animals which often perform dangerous stunts such as jumping, high-speed running, and more.

Chances of broken bones are relatively high; the symptoms include limping and not moving at all. Surgery and splint are possible treatments.

4. Dental Disease

Dental diseases are as well very common dog health problems. In fact, they affect 80 percent of all dogs by the age of 2.

Dental diseases have been strongly linked to serious illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. The most common symptom is smelly breath; a dog may also have troubles eating and suffer facial swelling.

Removing teeth or dental plaque may solve the problem. It is also recommended to take your dogs to regular vet dentist to prevent the disease.

5. Skin Cancer

Dog is also vulnerable to cancer, especially skin cancer. The symptoms include swelling, weight loss, decreased appetite, difficulty breathing, and black stools.

Possible treatments include chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. The veterinarian may perform different types of treatment depending on the aggressiveness of the cancer.


Some of the most dangerous diseases that attack human can also occur in dogs. Some dog health problems are contagious and life-threatening. Similar to human, regular health checks may help the dogs to prevent any possible disease. Antibiotics and vaccination will also be greatly helpful to maintain their perfect health condition.