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An Overview of Therapy Dogs International

Therapy Dogs International (TDI) is a non-government organization or volunteer group with the main purposes of training, regulating, testing, and registering therapy dogs. Eventually, after a series of registration processes, qualified therapy dogs are allowed to visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools, or any approved institution where therapy dogs are needed.

TDI's homepageTDI was founded in New Jersey in 1976; by 2011, approximately 24,000 dog/handler teams are registered with the organization. Now, TDI-registered therapy dogs are spread all across the country in 50 states and Canada. It is a non-profit organization and it does not receive any financial support of any type from the government; TDI depends only on annual membership dues and donations.

The Importance of Therapy Dogs

Some studies suggest that the visits of therapy dogs to health institution play major roles in helping or improving patients’ overall health conditions. Therapy dogs provide comfort and affections to patients; in other words, the dogs help to create friendly atmosphere around the patients. Dogs’ visits are proven to be helpful in decreasing patients’ heart rates, lowering blood pressures, and promoting relief of stress/depression.