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How to Train a Therapy Dog: 6 Methods Commonly Used by Professionals

Therapy dog is meant to provide comfort and affections for people, especially for those that are hospitalized or have certain medical conditions. The animals should possess friendly and calm characteristics; the interactions created between human and animal can be such excellent healing method or at least it can help healthcare practitioners to quicken the healing process.

how to train a dog

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Any dog of any breed can be trained; there are even many organizations or teams from all across the country that offer special training classes and programs. The following passages describe how to train a therapy dog using the methods commonly used by professionals.

1. Basic Commands

First of all, please make sure that the dog obeys some basic commands such as sit, stay, or walk. The training must be conducted in such gentle manner without involving any physical force. Use positive approach and tone to deliver the command; do not scream, yell, or hit in any case.

2. Interacting with strangers

A therapy dog will meet many strangers in hospitals and other health institutions. It is important to teach the animal to accept and positively approach strangers. Dog is an impressively loyal animal, but in some circumstances, it can be overprotective. This is not a good nature for a therapy dog; it has to be calm, obedience, and friendly to people. Please remember that in medical institutions, one of the patients may also want to pet the dog.