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7 Most Important Characteristics of a Therapy Dog

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A therapy dog is a trained and constantly tested animal to meet the requirements of its profession. The dog should provide comfort for hospitalized people, children with learning disabilities, and generally all patients in any health institutions. It is known that petting dogs is a good therapy to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, stimulate the production of good hormones, and more.

It is not easy for a dog to become a therapy animal; there are behavioral tests and regular health checks. The following passages describe 7 great most important characteristics that a good therapy dog should possess.

1. Friendly

The main purpose is to provide comfort for patients, so the dog should be very friendly toward anyone in hospitals including doctors. Many times, some of therapy dogs visit the same hospitals in the same time. It is also important that the animals create normal or positive interaction with each other. During the visit in health institution or school, they are not allowed to make noises unless the handlers order them to do so.

2. Patient

Many people with different personalities will interact with the dogs in the different manners. Sometimes, patients will also want to pet the dogs; in this case, a therapy dog is instructed to remain calm although the patients do not treat it in the usual ways that the handler does. If the animal is calm, patients will be able to conveniently hold or pet the dog.