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How to Find a Good Therapy Dog Training

A therapy dog is often seen in many public facilities and institutions such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. The main job is to provide comfort for the people in such environments. The animal is well-trained, so even in strange situations it will remain calm, obedient, and never indicate any aggression.

therapy dog training

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All across America, there is at least one therapy dog training organization in each state (Maryland, Denver, Michigan, New Jersey, Chicago, Massachusetts and more). There are even some national and international organizations that provide the services in US and other countries as well.

Below you will find three easy ways to find a good training club.

1. Contact a local therapy dog training organization

As mentioned earlier, there is at least one in each state. American Kennel Club (AKC) is a nationally and internationally reputable organization in this specific field; there are more than 50 other therapy dog clubs from almost all states recognized by AKC. This organization is always a good place to start.

2. Check online

All approved organizations have websites. Simply visit a local organization’s website and figure out the requirements and certification procedures. Also, check the policies, registration fees, and training schedule as well.

3. Consult veterinarian

A veterinarian should know any of the good dog training group/class. Ask for the advice and suggestions. Veterinarian plays a very important role in the certification process; he/she provides the health evaluation and certification for therapy dog organizations, so a veterinarian should be aware of any animal training program in the area.